BIM Revit Modelling for Architectural Professional Certificate





( CITF Code: PBT23-004 ) Code : GT0711E Hours : 12 hours Duration : 3 hours x 4 sessions Objective : - To develop or improve Architectural modelling skills on Revit - To have skills on Revit BIM project planning - To create and generate 2D drawings - To have hands- on exercise Outcomes : 1. BIM software operating and modelling process 2. To learn how to plan and organize a BIM project using Autodesk Revit

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Session 1: 
 A.  Getting Started with Revit 

  • Open Sample Project
  • User Interface & Navigating
  • Basic Commands, Shortcuts
  • Link Manage, CAD Import
  • Visual Style, Detail Level, Visibility / Graphic Override
  • Views (Plan, Elevation, Section and 3D)
  • View Range, Section Box, Scope Box & Crop View

 B.  Project Setup 

  • Start and set up a new project
  • Project template, Project Information
  • Project Unit, Coordinate System, Work Plane Setup
  • Gridline, Levels, setup 

Session 2: 
 C. Architectural Modelling

  •  Walls Modelling (Structure, Exterior/Interior, Material)
  • Element Align, Mirror, Move, Offset, Copy, Rotate, Split, Trim
  • Family Usage (System, Loadable, In-Place)
  • Insert Doors, Windows
  • Floors Modelling (Structure, Material, Sloped, Shape Edit)
  • Create Openings
  • Insert Columns
  • Ceiling modelling (Structure, Material)
  • Creating Roofs, Stairs, Railings, Ramp 

Session 3: 
 D. Mass & Topo Surface Modelling

  • Mass Modelling
  • Topo Surface Modelling (Building Pad, Subregion)

 E. Structural Modelling

  • Structural Walls Modelling (Structure, Exterior/Interior, Material)
  • Structural Floors Modelling
  • Creating of Beam, Truss and Brace
  • Insert Structural Column
  • Foundation Element Modelling

 Session 4: 
 F. MEP Modelling

  • Insert CAD Drawing
  • Duct Modelling (Type, Fitting, Accessory, System, Flex Duct)
  • Duct Settings (Angles, Size setup)
  • Adding Insulation, Lining, Placeholder
  • Pipe Modelling (Type, Fitting, Accessory, System, Flex Duct)
  • Pipe Settings (Angles, Segment & Size setup)
  • Adding Insulation, Lining, Placeholder
  • Changing Slope
  • Cable Tray Modelling (Type, Service, Fitting)

 Session 5: 
 G. Exam

  • Quick Revision
  • Exam

Assessment : 

Attendance – 40%
Exam – 60%

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