BIM ArchiCAD Basic Course





( CITF Code: PBT23-001 ) Code : GT0401E Hours : 18 hours Duration : 3 hours x 6 sessions Objective : Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to: 1.  To have a thorough fundamental understanding of the concept of BIM and the core functionalities of modeling in GRAPHISOFT’S ARCHICAD which experience on correlate project 2.  To have hands- on exercise using sample real project case with guidance Outcomes : 1. operate BIM software and the modelling process, and describe current and relevant technologies. 2. apply BIM software applications to execute and administer BIM tasks for individual or cross-disciplinary BIM project coordination in compliance with relevant standards and guidelines in Hong Kong and global contexts. 3. execute and administer the operation of a common data environment and data quality control system for effective use and sharing of digital information in a BIM project.

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Chapter 1: What is BIM? An introduction
At the end of this Chapter you will be familiar with the definition of BIM and what BIM means in the context of an architectural software.
 1.       Definitions

 Chapter 2: The ARCHICAD interface
 At the end of this Chapter you will be familiar navigating in ARCHICAD and looking for the right tools at the right places.

  1. Opening the file
  2. A closer look at the interface

 Chapter 3: Navigation in ARCHICAD
 At the end of this Chapter usage of basic navigation tools and recognizing the Navigator's setup will become part of your skillset.

  1. Navigate the floor plan
  2. Navigating the 3d model
  3. Model views


 Chapter 4: External Structures
 At the end of this Chapter placing singular elements with high precision or placing series of elements will become familiar.

  1. Elements Placement
  2. Creating a Curtain Wall System
  3. Modifying Curtain Walls
  4. Creating Stories
  5. Creating a Flat Roof
  6. Creating Parapet Walls
  7. Placing a Stair

 Chapter 5: Internal Structures
 At the end of this Chapter you will have created an interior layout with editing internal partitions and using library elements.

  1. Creating Interior Walls
  2. Placing Doors
  3. Mirroring Doors
  4. 3D Library Parts
  5. Merging Files

 Chapter 6: Dimensioning
 At the end of this Chapter basic documentation will be under your belt.

  1. Manual and Automatic Dimensions
  2. Creating Section Viewpoints
  3. Elevation Dimensions


 Chapter 7: Visualization
 At the end of this Chapter you will be able to create different basic 3D representations and renderings of your ARCHICAD project.

  1. Rendering
  2. Inserting Background Images
  3. Placing 2D Objects
  4. Creating 3D Documents
  5. 3D Styles

 Chapter 8: Layouting
 At the end of this Chapter you will be ready to publish your first layout!!!

  1. Layouting
  2. Publisher

 Chapter 9: OPEN Bim Collaboration
 At the end of this Chapter you will be ready to publish your first layout!!!

  1. TeamWork Concept
  2. IFC Reference Mode Concept
  3. BCF Comunication

 Chapter 10: Exam
 At the end of this Chapter you perform the assessment of the new acquired knowledge!

  1. Multi choice Theoretic Exam
  2. Pratical Exam 

Assessment : 

Attendance – 40%
Exam – 60%



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